Rainbow Bee – December

I finished putting together the Rainbow Bee block for December, courtesy of Jeneta (shout out!) at Plum Jam.  You can find the full tutorial on her blog.  It came together really easily, the hardest part was just organising all the various cutting that needed to be done.  It is a good idea to grab some notepaper and jot down what you need and mark it off as you go along.  The tutorial makes two blocks exactly the same (with the coloured block in a different position), but I went rogue and mixed up my fabric placements, so they are slightly different.
I really like the effect of this block, and can see it having quite an impact on a larger scale.  Mr. Sparkles seemed doubly impressed (note to self), and I can’t wait to see how Jeneta finishes it off! I’m getting Piet Mondrian vibes so far.

3 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    Now i REALLY like that idea, yet another possibility for my little stash of B&W

  2. Waverlee says:

    Love! Great b&w fabrics.

  3. what;s not to like about Mondrian inspiration and a 'pop' of orange? Is this for a QCA Bee group?

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