PSA: Notre Dame Called

So Notre Dame called, and they want their Hunchback back!  
After finishing squaring 72 of the 288 HSTUs last night at my kitchen table, I woke up this morning thinking, “How can I go on?” (I’m a bit dramatic like that, we’ll blame it on Celine).  Anyhoo, like many kitchen tables out in Quiltland, it has been repurposed as a sewing / cutting / planning / stashing station.  It’s great for most of those things, but at 75 cm (30 inches) off the ground, cutting is not one of them.  At 6’1″ tall, I had found myself hunched over the table to reach my cutting board.  I’m not sure why I thought this was completely logical and okay, but quilting makes us lose all logic!
So this morning, I thought to myself, how can we make this better so I don’t have to start calling Mr. Sparkles, Esmerelda.  I looked around the apartment, and BAM! like a glitter bomb bursting in Tony Abbott‘s face, it hit me.  My kitchen counter top is the perfect height for cutting vegetables with a sharp knife, so why wouldn’t it be the perfect height for cutting fabric with a sharp knife? And to answer that rather rhetorical question: it is.  So now the cutting tools have moved to the kitchen, and this just gives me another reason to take over the whole house … which room will be next?
In all seriousness, do have a look around your sewing area to make sure you’re treating your body right.  The last thing you want is to damage yourself so you can’t sew anymore!  Sit up straight, find a better height, take a five minute break every now and again!  And this concludes Molli’s public service announcement on sewing well-being.  BEEEP!

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