Five Things

There are five things that need to be said:

  1. Come back on Friday for my first EVER TGIFF!  Seriously, like, ever.  Yes, forever, ever.  All this hype, I promise it’s gonna be good and photo heavy.  
  2. I bought a new seam ripper today, a green one.  Oh, and felt like I needed the embroidery floss and needles too.  You know, just because.
  3. My grandmother in Oklahoma (I am in Sydney) is getting another delivery of fabric next week that I purchased for myself.  She can now officially become the hoarder, and I am just the supplier.  
  4. Designer Charm Swap has really paid off, the mother load is in, so come back on Sunday for full disclosure!
  5. I finished my Rainbow Bee – November blocks last night.  Pretty in pink, pictures coming tomorrow if the sunshine comes out to play!

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