WiP Wednesday 03 – Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

I burst into tears on Sunday afternoon working on this little big work in progress.  I had spent a few hours laying it all out on the floor, numbering rows and columns, arranging, rearranging, and then stacking to start some chain piecing.  Yeah, I chain pieced alright–chain pieced completely WRONG!  What I was left with were these patchwork HSTs forming patterns in every which way.  
So I went to Facebook to get my complain on, and thankfully the lovely ladies in the Quilt Club Australia (QCA) calmed me down.  There were lots of suggestions, but the best was to work in smaller blocks of blocks, rather than trying to sew the whole quilt top at once.  Yes, yes, completely obvious, I know.  So after some major seem rippage, I started again, working in smaller chunks.
So this:

Turned into this:

I have made six of these blocks so far, with three more to go, and then can sew them all together. I’m waiting on some additional Madrona Road fabric to come in from the US for the back so no huge rush yet.  Oh, and I have to learn how to baste and quilt.  Small things, whatevs!

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  1. Your blocks are looking great though – all those small squares would have been tricky. So glad you had a 'lifeline' to the QCA and worked it out. We have all been there, believe me. It is very hard to piece certain blocks without help. I learned a lot of my first blocks through Youtube – see the lovely Jenny D at Missouri Star Quilt Company. I am getting better at pattern reading but I do learn best by watching or at lest step by step photos. Persevere Josh.

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