Rainbow Bee – October

So recently I got in an arm wrestling match which ended in me joining a Rainbow Quilting Bee. Now there is one group I never thought I’d be a part of … a quilting bee. Can you believe it? Neither can I!  But I must say, I am in love love sparkly glitter fuelled love with the other members of the bee and the whole concept itself.  It gives me an opportunity to interact with 11 other ladies (I’m the only guy!), learn new patterns and skills, and play with rainbows!  Now, really, can you see why I am in love?  
First month up is October, and the lovely Helen tasked us with creating a starflower block using sixteen rainbow fabrics.  So I broke into the fabrics I purchased as documented in Sunday Stash #2 and began to create my first block. Yes, my first ever block, and then I made my second!  I was so proud of those little lovelies, and even prouder that they could go and be a part of something bigger. I’ve since made two more in a slightly different colour scheme, as well as purchased more fabrics to make even more! You’ll see those fabrics in Sunday Stash #3 coming this week!

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  1. Fab blocks! Bee groups are great fun – great opportunity to try blocks/fabric combos you might not have considered before.

    Have to say your points are pretty impressive! I think I tossed out my first attempt at this block – it was an embarrassment!

  2. So beautiful! I love the contrast between the rainbow and background!

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