Banana Republic Pinwheels

A while back I was throwing out some old clothes and discovered a few dress shirts from Banana Republic that I only wore once because I had purchased the wrong size.  There was no way I could fly back to the US to exchange, so instead of clothing the homeless, I thought they’d be put to good use as an alternative fabric supply.  Molli is generous, just not, Fairy Godmother generous. So slice, dice, four times a lady and viola, charm squares we have!
I took the charms and combined with some navy fabric to try and keep a sophisticated (like moi) tone.  Between the two photos you can see the four different fabrics.  Even though one of the fabrics is black (bottom left) it still looks pretty sharp combined with the navy.  And who said you couldn’t wear black and navy?  Molli Sparkles slaps fashion in the face!  I have made two pinwheel blocks so far to test the direction of the stripes.  So far I’m leaning towards the one on the right, it seems to have more direction, but then again the black one seems to vibrate.  But which one SPARKLES?!

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