8.5″ is really 7″

Wow!  That dance break down was full on!  You would think I would have had time to bedazzle my own disco ball.  No, was just keeping up with the movements of One Direction.  Let me tell you, they light up my world like nobody else.  You don’t know oh-ooooh!  Okay, out of my system.
So the two readers of my blog may remember these lovely gems.

Eight inch square blocks that I was going to use for half square triangles.  Now I have to confess these blocks are a bit of a mistake because I found when I was squaring them up that what was supposed to be eight and a half inches was becoming eight.  Say goodbye to seam allowance.  Argh.  First quilt, win some, you lose some.  In this case I lost half an inch.
Now, I present to you, and you, (I said two readers!) patchwork half square triangles!  They are complimented with Michael Miller’s Madrona Road in Grey Haystacks.  I never took much stock about how many I had, or had planned to make, because they were all sort of in the mistake pile.  Sew as you go!  However, after I got them all sewn up and squared up again, I discovered I had made 156 blocks, that were now 7″!  That is a bit more needed than for a lap quilt.  I’ve since laid it out on the floor and, well, it is unintentionally ambitious!  For me, it’s all good fun and just more sparkle to go around.  Next step is getting it all sewn up so I can get it off the living room floor.

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