Waiting for Yellow

So this is going to be a bit awkward.  Two things happened today: I finished my first quilt top and started this blog to celebrate.  So while I’d love to show ya’ll the finished piece, I think it is only fair to its livelihood that we start at the beginning.  I mean, this has been pretty all consuming, so let’s slow it down, and I’ll show you where it all began.
Even the word implies slowing down!  For some reason I got it in my head one day that you never see enough yellow in home furnishings, decor or crafty goodness.  So my immediate thought pattern was to make a yellow quilt. HAHAHA. Mind you, I’d never sewn before, nor did I have a sewing machine.  Wait a minute, I didn’t even have a blade, cutting board, or a pinch of fabric.  My sparkle jar was completely empty.  Then this happened:
I went into Lincraft and stared at the fabric section.  Talk about being out of your element!  Then I saw they had a sale on fat quarters.  I had no idea why they were called that, or what they were, but they had a stack of yellow toned ones so I picked up a few and headed home (along with a cheap rotary blade — more about that another time).  
Then I discovered fat quarters on eBay. Then on Etsy. Then at my local quilt shoppe. Then I discovered what a fat quarter was.  It was like I was setting foot on a new world, and the entire world was covered in yellow glitter.  Could this be true?  Is there a giant world out there full of fabric, yellow and otherwise, just waiting for me to call my very own?  Simply, yes.

More yellow fat quarters piling up.  I honestly didn’t know where or when to stop.  I just bought anything and everything as long as it had a pinch of yellow.  Slowly my choices got better and more discerning, but still, it was mainly just about absorbing any yellow (moderately priced) fabric I could find.  Who knew there were even different qualities of fabric — I certainly didn’t.  Oh, if only one knew what they know now!  

And so it went on and on until I had about forty fabrics and realised I might have a problem.  (Flash forward to the present day, and yes, it is a problem).  I ended up being able to take a few out of the pile for not cutting the mustard!  See what I did there?  Finally, I made myself stop and start working on the next step.  Um, what was the next step again?
Love & Sparkle,

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  1. Nicole says:

    Lol! Sounds like you've gotten bitten by the fabric bug! Love your "voice!" Can't wait to see this yellow quilt!

    • Nicole – thanks for visiting! :::throws a handful of glitter in the air::: I think I have a disease with this whole fabric thing and no amount of penicillin is going to help! To make matters worse I just joined my first fabric swap… Heaven help me! Yellow quilt is finished, but I need to learn more about quilting it before taking the next step!

  2. love this colour combo !! I've started collecting but only have a small amount! 🙂

  3. LOl laughing my toosh off!!! i will have to try that wine+block+wonky cabin idea, i am a newbie too and oh yes so addicted to the craft and different fabric designs!!!
    You are going to love the rainbow swaps!!!
    🙂 kristy

  4. The O's says:

    Awesome, you're in the rainbow swaps, what a hoot! Shame mine have all closed for the time being. I will be sure to hook up to another when I am able to!

    Congrats on the blog, the addiction, the sparkles!

  5. The O's says:

    oh and you are in Sydney, pack a lunch, fill up the car with petrol and then go to 2 places… HobbySew at Top Ryde then over to Craft Depot at Thornleigh – fabric HEAVEN!

  6. hehehe…such a humorous account of the descent into fabric addiction.

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