My first Sunday Stash!

It’s almost Sunday, and that means it is time for Fiona at Finding Fifth’s link up party for Sunday Stash! This is such a great idea, and especially since it is in Australia, where sometimes it can be hard to find (in my limited experience, so far) quality and designer fabrics that don’t break the bank.  I’d rather they just crack that safe ever so gently!  Plus, Mr. Sparkles doesn’t get nearly as excited about my fabric finds, as I do.  He just doesn’t see them sparkle with potential the way Ms. Molli does.  That’s why I have you guys and gals to reassure me that it is okay to be addicted to such beautiful bits and bobs.
So this week I managed to get over to The Remnant Warehouse in Botany in Sydney. They are always so friendly there, and have a great selection of designer goods. The best part though is every Friday is Fat Quarter Friday where the fat quarter bins are Buy One, Get One Free!  You don’t have to ask me twice, or to hesitate in buying up big.  You know a girl loves a sale!  I was grabbing some fat quarters for the Rainbow Charm Swap happening (my first swap!) in the Quilt Australia Facebook Group, and somehow these other beauties fell into my shopping pile.  They are all really different, and who knows where they’ll end up, but they are definitely making me happy!

Doesn’t this just scream Spring?!

Very suit and tie?
Red, not usually, but why not?

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  1. AlyceB says:

    Welcome to the Stash gang! Where you think you'll be only popping by every now and then, before realising you actually have something every week and that maybe you buy too much fabric… But never stop 😉

    Man, what a great deal on FQs!! I LOVE the "Spring" collection!

  2. I need a FQ deal like that (or maybe I don't… my fabric cupboard won't close as it is…).

    Fab additions to the stash! Those fabrics are definitely S0pring!

  3. Yeah so it must sound funny to your non-quilt friends that you are heading out shopping on a 'fat quarter Friday'! It is lovely to have you post today. I appreciate the close up for those prints – some of them are really quite my style – even in the suit and tie section.

  4. Tessa Marie says:

    Some lovely fabrics here Molli. A buy one get one free sale is fabulous and a great way to stock up. It is fun to be able to have some fellow fabricaholics to share with, isn't it? 🙂

  5. Catherine says:

    I love your fabric choices. Fat Quarter Friday – what a great way to fuel your addiction:-)

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